Friday, May 13, 2005


what right do you have?
you are so comfortable in your filth
and when you meet someone new
you cannot get over the fact
that they do not...
look like you
act like you
sound like you
dress like you
smell like you
not everyone is blessed with everything
the one thing that you take for granted
is the one thing that they highly cherish
and that is to live another day
you live under your riches and free reign
they live under poverty and possibly tyranny
and yet they thank God everyday to be alive
and all you can do is complain how their presence sickens you
i hope you can learn to love your brother and sister
or that God shall take away what you cherish the most
and give to those whom you've have turned your back on
what right do you have?

© 2005 thomas bates

1 comment:

fleurdemars said...

It's refreshing to find a guy my age that hasn't given up on his writing.

As long as you share your soul, i will continue reading it.

Thank you for such beautiful art.