Monday, May 16, 2005


his hand is on the door handle
time to light more candles
those in the seats
he wanted to teach
the books they have to read
inside them were old seeds
his knowledge to them was like water
turning the seed into a beautiful flower
excited and wanting to learn more
they looked at what he put on the board
a fever emotion was in their hearts
all it took was one little spark

long ago as he could remember
one day in that cold september
when the seed was planted inside his heart
the candle in his eyes burned by a spark
the crave to learn, got him wanting to teach the masses
teaching them all he learned in the schoolhouse classes

© 1996 thomas bates

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fleurdemars said...

Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciated such nice comments from an accomplish writer like you.

To answer your question, my real name is Marie-Andree...Fleur de Mars is only a nick name. In french we use the word 'mars' to name the planet (Mars) and the month (March), so it can be interpreted both ways. And the french thing comes from the fact that i am french canadian, with a quarter irish in the mix!

I also started writing a long time ago, i've kept a journal as long as i can remember, but i don't consider myself very talented, and i was always shy to publish it online...and then i discovered the Blog. I like the formula, and that way i can keep my personal web site for, hum, less personal stuff! lol

Thank you once again for your kind words. And if you would like to correspond i'd be happy to.