Saturday, May 20, 2006


are they magnets?
drawn close to the nearest metal
annoying and irritating they are
only wish they were from afar
why are they in such a hurry?
where we're going... we all get there the same
some will try to cheat and rush to get there
however what good does it do,
to endanger those in order to be first?
for in the end we all will be dead

© 2006 thomas bates

Saturday, May 06, 2006


there are liers and thieves amongst us
who lie about their representation
who steal from us for their benefit
on an altar they are raised powerful
we cannot see through their facade
through our ignorance and gullible hearts
they will keep their motives hidden
by their first impression we are sold
and millions they shall profit through us
until we start to see through the veil
pieces of it will rip away through their sin
until we shall see above and beneath their skin
and their reign shall crumble all around
and the suicide they brought on was their own
and they shall drown slowly in the darkest red
for their ways are of those of the polished dead

© 2006 thomas bates