Wednesday, December 21, 2005


she holds the only piece of security she has
her world was taken away from her at birth
in her mind, life is a cruel place
only known a life of a vagabond
moved around from family to family
love is as small as a speck of dust
hate is as big as a skyscraper
her world was taken away from her at birth
never had anthing secure to hold onto
never had a real mother or father
and she doesn't want to know those who gave her up
she now holds the only piece of security she has
tear bear

© 1991, 2005 thomas bates

Saturday, December 10, 2005


the week has been great but long
weather fine but excruciating at times
friends meet and new one are made
gathering grounds of kaliedoscope souls
voices carry and mingle with those dear
a communion for everyone to partake
we join in the music and the dance
and it puts us all into a trance
as we spin and spin and fall down

© 2003 thomas bates

Friday, December 02, 2005


i constantly prune the branches of my tree of life
many years have gone by and it is still not ripe
many relationships and friendships have slipped into oblivion
pruning out the bad infections has become my obssession
in the beginning the fruit was delicious
every relationship and friendship was precious
through time, hurt and pain had set in and smothered maturity
and so came the time to prune out the impurities
cutting them away sometimes by stem or by the entire branch
so their negativity or resentment shall not spread
to not scar the rings of the years to come
to keep the heart guarded and forever young

© 2005 thomas bates