Monday, April 25, 2005


sometimes i want to be left alone
so i may relax my weary soul
to slowly gather my thoughts
to organize my fast paced life
to make sense of what is happening around me
but yet there are days when it is too silent and slow
in those hours i long for companionship
someone to talk to and to rely on
but then silence is an underrated treasure
i long for these days of peace
to just catch up my breath
and to listen for that quiet voice we call God

yes He does still talk to us
is that do we slow down and listen?

© 2004 thomas bates

Friday, April 22, 2005


you make my stomach bleed
you are my constant ulcer
i dislike you more and more
you no longer are welcomed here
take away your lips from my ear
stop soliciting your garbage inside of me
i am tired of your lies... sweet as sugar
you are draining everything out of me
i am spilling onto the floor
into a pool of my own blood
corrupted by your promises gone astray

© 2004 thomas bates

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


bring on the silence and the pain
bring on the ever thundering rain
let it cover me and drench me
i need this time for reflection and peace
to think and evaluate over what has gone wrong
but all is silent and the mystery is gone
everything was simplistic but now it is complex
everything was all so sweet but it all went to heck
misunderstanding and paranoia slip into my bed
and they sleep with me and take residence in my head
leaving no room for concentration for comprehension
now it is all mixed up into noise pollution
so bring on the silence and the pain
and let it cover me... the thundering rain

© 2003 thomas bates

Saturday, April 16, 2005


you think i have become accustomed
that the darkness is soaking into me
you think i have welcome your corruptness
sitting on your throne, your eyes upon me
the cells of your skin are turning to dust
i am your only chance for immortality
many faces you have had in the past
and now you want mine
to shed your dying cocoon to slip into mine
but i have awaken deep inside of me
i keep this awareness away from you
my plan is to wait till you're in your weakest form
and then i shall trap you in your frailty
and finally kill you as many before me failed to do
and put to the end of your reign of terror
and your empire shall crumble as like your former shell
i shall slip this knife swiveling into your back
and enjoy watching the lights slowly fade from your eyes
and that last glance to me as you realize your demise
then i shall suck your last breath away
and blow it back at you only to spread your dust in the wind
and never again will i hear your voice inside of me
and your memory shall finally fade away

© 2004 thomas bates

Friday, April 15, 2005


amidst the clouds descending
the fire in the sky
mystery engulfs thee
suspension high
fear and awe commanded
its beauty is expanded
pulsating paragon
burning horizon
watching us from afar
returning to the mother star

© 2005 thomas bates

Thursday, April 14, 2005


my tongue is unrelentless
for it will not stop bleeding
the words come out and spill to the floor
you have beaten them out of me
spit and venom is on my cheek
from the words that you now speak
a friend was what you were to me
but who are you now?

© 2003 thomas bates

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


the kid lies on the bed writing
he is writing of love and sadness
and behind him, coming out of the wall
a looming doom in shape of a spectral
a sickle in one hand and parchment in the other
traces a finger down his spine
sends shivers everywhere followed by numbness
and then his heart... oh the piercing pain
he collapses, his pen bleeds into the cotton
his breath stolen and he becomes one with the forgotten

© 2001 thomas bates

Sunday, April 10, 2005


i miss
the kiss
the welcoming
the awakening
of feelings
so deceiving
so confusing
so amusing
yet so tender
and so slender
the feelings within your heart
won't ever disappear or depart

© 2001 thomas bates

Saturday, April 09, 2005


i set foot to figure out why
no one is here, no one is left
i start my pilgrimage to the dead
i look to the answer that hides
an awesome race used to live here
however, a sad and cruel ending came
they all lost and died to this game
they didn't even get any time to express fear
i journey in silence in order not to waken
the souls sleep in unwanted peace and tranquility
but we still must have respect for this extinct community
oh, has this place been utterly shakened

© 1995 thomas bates

Friday, April 08, 2005


for many days, i prayed for peace, but it never came
with all the faith i have, there's just never ending pain
defenses have gone down for many people to tread
inside my soul are buried memories gone dead
fires came and went
body has become bent
cracks on my skin
resulting from world's sin
blood leaks into my soul from war
on my body lays the results of its gore
i was once young and beautiful
now i'm old, ugly and sadly crippled
for many days, i prayed for peace, but it never came
with all my faith i have, there's just never ending pain

© 1996 thomas bates

Thursday, April 07, 2005


shove the spike deeper inside of me
kill the identity of me
take away my wants and my needs
kill the identity of me

break the ties that bind me
kill the identity of me
take away everything of me You see
kill the identity of me

take heed to my lashing out at You
kill the identity of me
forgive me as i do not know what i do
kill the identity of me

open up me and break me apart
kill the identity of me
break back my ribs and sieze my heart
kill the indentity of me

burn me clean of all imperfections
kill the indentity of me
and bring into me a new creation
kill the indentity of me

i plead for a new beginning to arise
kill the indentity of me
i long to see Your face and to cry
kill the indentity of me

hold me in Your arms and reassure me
kill the indentity of me
that i am still in Your will and finally free
of the indentity of me

© 2004 thomas bates

Sunday, April 03, 2005


the holier you are
the more bald you get
your hair falls out
due to the fervor of your service
due to the prayers that bleed out
out of your heart and onto the ground

© 2004 thomas bates

Saturday, April 02, 2005


assembly line humans shut down
to replace the generations of the future
we should not allow
mindless soldiers to kill us (who live)
to conquer and divide colonies
to put fear into our hearts
we shall be exterminated
we shall be their slaves
our flesh will be their food
our procreation not to keep or sustain life
it is now to give up as a sacrifice
like cattle we have become
the creation becomes the master

© 2004 thomas bates