Monday, October 23, 2006


to look upon you against this sky is grace
i trace the contours of your skin and face
the sun shines on you
your eyes glisten like jewels
smiling, you turn towards me
those lips so gentle and petite
yet to kiss them would spark a fiery flare
the wind softly whispers through your hair
your beauty is haunting and eternally praised
in solem reverance, my eyes are raised
honesty, respect, and commitment i give to you
and all of my love is also given to thee too
to take your hand in mine is a treasure
to honour you with all i have is my pleasure
let us begin this long journey together
through the good and the bad forever

© 2006 thomas bates

Friday, October 13, 2006


you come to me in my weakest of hours
and share with me your darkest desires
your kiss is sweet and intoxicating
your embrace is gentle yet suffocating
the liquid of your words flow into my ears
and wash away all common sense and fear
the kiss on my neck it burns with passionate deceit
your motives you keep hidden deep and discreet
the more intense you love me
the harder is for me to leave
yet i long for freedom from your slavery
for your feelings are shallow and empty
you can't take my hurt and sadness away
you only bring more and more along the way
someday i shall be confident and strong
and then i shall break free from your bonds
and then you shall depart from me
and i will finally be set free

© 2006 thomas bates