Monday, January 01, 2007


looking in the rearview mirror
ten cars back an evil pursues me
picking up speed pounding the pavement
5, 4, 3, 2... 1 it creeps up on me
fire all around consumes its hatred
the back window shatters due to the heat
the back seats burst into flames
the smoke chokes my lungs as i panic
throwing aside my door i lunge through it
my feet crash onto the pavement and my knees buckle
spinning around i look onto oncoming traffic
the evil is looming down towards me
the heat is blistering and suffocating
but i hit the ground running for life
dodging cars to my left and cars to my right
the ever increasing consuming death at my heels
an eery silence engulfs my mind
i scream to God for salvation deep down inside
the screams escape my shell and echo outside
eyes opened wide and fist clenched tight
my chest is heaving and my lungs are burning
the heat is just unbearable and intense now
and one final word and tear escapes my hell
just before the fire burns my clothes and me as well

© 2007 thomas bates