Saturday, September 24, 2005


i grabbed the lampshade, turned off the light
i needed to sit this through alone in the night
only through my vain desires, i got you to trust me
but the real side of me isn't the person you see

far back in the shadows of my mind and out of sight
the real me is asking to come out into the light
but i remembered the memories and the pain
so i rejected the proposal and pulled down the shades

and that one night, i have lied
to get you to like me... but why?

i am now only an empty shell, nothing tangible lasts
i just hope you won't have any doubts on who i am
however, sometime i have to change my ways
i just wish i will never have to see that day

i wish i had stayed inside and not hurt you
just once i could have been happy, i'm a fool
and that one night, i have lied
to get you to like me... but why?

© 1996, 2005 thomas bates

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


oh how beautiful the night
to be cast in the orange moonlight
we laughed and talked and had a good time
but time stole away and now it is upon nigh
she's so beautiful and youthful in the light
her features so detailed and those eyes
they light up when she smiles
but there's a distance between us she keeps for miles
for she belongs to another's caress and care
but still she stands, looking at the moon over there
glimmering stars dance in her eyes
she looks at me, smiles and says goodbye

© 2002 thomas bates

Friday, September 09, 2005


to love is to give a second chance
letting the past remain in the furnace
to burn out the hurt and pain in the white heat
to move on and remember not what happened between
to hate is to let it all die, to not ressurect
left behind at the wake with your disrespect
yet it always comes back growing from a seed inside
and it will once grow to maturity and destroy your life
if not confronted, forever you shall avoid the day
when everything tied to fate brings it back round your way
whenver the time comes which one shall you rely on?
i have picked both solutions to different situations
i am still running to avoid the reunion of hate
one day it shall find me and i shall meet my fate
to lay forever inside that one person's head
pale and cold in the eternal sleep of the dead

© 2005 thomas bates

Saturday, September 03, 2005


hey how are you tonight?
you better not give me another lie
do me a favor and walk away
spare me another glance at your face
but yet you face me and tell me another lie
i was not the one who you wanted by your side

the way to rome
the way to rome
can easily destroy
everything i wanted to give
the way to rome
the way to rome
can easily destroy
the memory of us to live

© 2001, 2005 thomas bates

Friday, September 02, 2005


why are there certain people you cannot have
already their hearts are stamped by an invisible brand
you wonder what it is about you that doesn't attract
what can you do, what things about you can you subtract
is it by years?
is it your fears?
is it your face?
is it your name?
when will the day come,
when you will find love?
and how many people will have to pass you by
leaving you there alone in the end wondering why
completely haunted by their ghost
a voice; a face of an unwanted host
forever locked in the memories of your head
forever yours in this forsaken land
eternal moral lessons and mistakes we pay
always the same thing in and out of everyday
when will the day come,
when you will find love?

© 2003 thomas bates