Saturday, April 16, 2005


you think i have become accustomed
that the darkness is soaking into me
you think i have welcome your corruptness
sitting on your throne, your eyes upon me
the cells of your skin are turning to dust
i am your only chance for immortality
many faces you have had in the past
and now you want mine
to shed your dying cocoon to slip into mine
but i have awaken deep inside of me
i keep this awareness away from you
my plan is to wait till you're in your weakest form
and then i shall trap you in your frailty
and finally kill you as many before me failed to do
and put to the end of your reign of terror
and your empire shall crumble as like your former shell
i shall slip this knife swiveling into your back
and enjoy watching the lights slowly fade from your eyes
and that last glance to me as you realize your demise
then i shall suck your last breath away
and blow it back at you only to spread your dust in the wind
and never again will i hear your voice inside of me
and your memory shall finally fade away

© 2004 thomas bates

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