Wednesday, May 25, 2005


the sun is going down on us in the streets
coolness comes to chase away the heat
in the city of the saints
tonight is filled with paint
diverse culture, conversations and smells
smoke surrounds and makes your lungs swell
lose yourself and find solace in the night
in a mesmerizing line sits many of lights
the moon cut in half hangs in the sky
the later it gets the more it wants to lie
through the crowd you see an organized dance
of art and personal expression in a beautiful trance
escapism is spoken fluent here
put on a smile and wipe away tears
look at the many colours on the wall
and leave your emotions where they fall
lose yourself for now in the intoxicating night life
for the days of your life are short and it's time to fly

© 2002, 2005 thomas bates

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