Sunday, May 08, 2005


i entered the car behind another
you were already sitting down
the one man sits infront
and i sat diagonally from behind
you got restless and uneasy
i did not give you my attention
you were safe in my eyes, as i looked outside
however at the next stop you got up to leave
glancing at me first before walking out the door
then you entered the other car before this one
what was wrong with the car we previously shared?
was it because the whites were surrounding you?
i was not asked if i wanted to be born into this skin
just as much as you were not asked to be born into yours
it was fate that did it, so why is there so much hate?
just because of my skin, do i inherit my race's mistakes
no... because you do not know me and you are quick...
quick to judge and who knows what else could have happened
i hope you shall be shown mercy and grace by someone
in that it will erase the many years of mistrust and hate
it is a shame the others after us...
have to pay for our past's mistakes

© 2005 thomas bates

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