Friday, May 27, 2005


i keep trying to live a life that's not my own
i am a fool
i am the chameleon of civilizations
my main goal is to be like you

which one of you do i wanna be?
sometimes i despise my behavior
it's only a search to create my definition
but my definition is your tailor

why do i want to live my life like your life?
i want to stop before you are my addiction
oh please don't be disgusted and leave me in isolation
becuase all i want is to have my own life
i want to have my own life

i like your wealth and your neighborhood
but to be like you is to sell my soul
everything about you is better than my hell
but i got to bring myself under control

honesty is what you see (truth equals me)
my secrets might hurt you (please, let it not be me you refuse)
now that you know my ambitions (please do not worry)
help me lose the fate that covers me (covered me since birth)

covered me since birth

© 1996 thomas bates

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