Thursday, May 12, 2005


i was just looking for anything
i was just sort of hoping
hoping in vain that there was something
some glimpse of love in those eyes
looking back at me as i gazed
but i was entertaining illusions and dreams
i was just hoping and trying to stand against odds
that maybe God could find in Himself some mercy
that He could bring someone into my life
but i am just looking for anything
and not looking for that something
and in you there was nothing
i am in search again for that one thing
someday i will find it
and these illusions shall disappear from me
and that distant reality shall finally arrive
hopefully i just will not be too jaded by then
hopefully i shall bestow on her the love she deserves
hopefully i shall not make her into a myth
and lose the one true thing i am looking for in this life

i am looking for that one thing
i am just sort of hoping
hoping that i did see that something
is that a smile in those eyes,
looking back at me as i gaze?

© 2005 thomas bates

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