Tuesday, May 03, 2005

0000 0I00

i am ready
ready for the invading past
invading into my small head
hitting me like a truck
falling on top of me from the sky
leaving me with nothing to say
except that i want to be alive
i am ready
ready for her love
0000 0I00
i am the fool in my life
faults... they surround me
i keep falling down
on my hands and knees
0000 0I00
i am ready
ready to open up
opening up my veins to bleed
to bring down the shuttle
i am so ready to just feel
but i do not want to go
i see her as i kneel
hitting the ground as i fall down
0000 0I00
i'm just down here from your love
under the clouds of the cold beyond
taking me there
breathing life
i can see that you did love me
but i'm losing my eyes... goodbye
0000 0I00
time is my pain
reclaims me in the past
i didn't leave you
i just didn't get past my mistakes

© 2001 thomas bates

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