Monday, May 09, 2005


dimly lit room
gentle breeze from the fan
i am fixed in a stare
pieces all around me
i listen carefully with intense care
hear the gentle rain start to drop outside
i am trying to regain youth as a symbolism
to go back to where i once was
my eyes fixed on the pieces around me
snapping them together to form this missing image
everything is so clear to me now
my life so simple and pleasant
i am thinking in a sapphiric hue
my thoughts do back-track into her for a bit
i wonder how she is doing
can she still feel me,
as i can still feel her?
only emotions, words, images and sounds did we share
and this is how we felt and knew each other
but now our identities are broken as this puzzle in front of me
and silence is now only there
as we grow older without each other
were our feelings real?
or were we trying too hard
for that unreachable dream

© 2004 thomas bates

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