Wednesday, May 04, 2005


the soft tapped rhythm soothes me
the rain drops on the window and roof
i lay here peacefully looking up at the ceiling
the room as black as an abandoned fire
as black as the ashes left behind
from all the bridges i had to burn in my life
i lay here thinking of everything from the week
i sift through them with a careful divider
as i put the evil into its place
and leave the good where it stands
i then contemplate over the lessons i have been taught
and i think of which out of those have i sincerely learned
then i think of those that i love who are dear to me
and then i try not to think of those i hate
when this is all done i try to relax my bones and skin
and fall asleep to the tap... tap... tap...
of the gentle rain outside bringing on a new day
like a baptism flood of renewal

© 2004 thomas bates

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