Sunday, June 12, 2005


did i hear angels sing?
wish you were here with me
come over here and hold my hand
let me know what you think of it
my love for you waits within
it burns like white lightning
far out beyond the great blue
there's a love that awaits for you
we can go there, but that is only up to you
there is a secret place where only angels tread
where our love cannot be displaced or lost
where the modern world out there tries to harm
you can come to me and find solace in my arms
did i not hear that angels dream?
i wonder if some are of you and me?
come over here and hold my hand
let me show you my heart
let us allow this love to unfold
in a world that is growing old
i want to hold you in my arms

© 1995, 2004 thomas bates

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