Monday, June 06, 2005


as we open the door and enter the room
we come upon a foot
tracing the foot up the leg to the knee
where we find another leg tucked under
an ankle resting there against the knee cap
and then to the back where an arm is drawn back
a hand tucked under the back
and then we go up the back bone up to the neck
he lays there with a cover over his eyes
in his ears rest headphones pumpin in aggression
his life is confusing and mysterious right now
it is hard for him to figure out who he is
at work, he is a robot
mindless working away like an addict
strung out for the next job that shall divert his mind
when he is clocked out the eraser comes
erases his mind clean of any emotion and reason
he goes home and is confused who he is
nothing seems to be real not even himself
he feels if he peels away his skin there will be infinite space
that to his surprise he shall find an enourmous void
where his voice and thoughts are just echoes heard by no one
when he writes out his frustration, he gambles
like who cares... for poetry nowdays
this world he lives in is so uncivilized
people are only looking out for themselves
many times he has felt the pain
the wounds of the many selfish enstrangements
from those looking for themselves using him in the process
but who is he? he thinks to himself
what do they see when they see him?
what was the purpose of the morbid friendship
he felt like a battery
just used to give whatever they needed for the moment
they shall use him over and over until he is drained empty
then just tossed away and they walk away
away with everything precious to him
he is then left with himself
in which he does not even recognize anymore
just an empty shell... even God feels so far away sometimes
whenever he needs God the most, He is gone
but through this hell, a glimpse of hope is there
through his rational thought will he know what his purpose in life is
yes he has been used over and over and over... and to what gain?
but he can look at this hell and step through it all the better
and then life shall once again have meaning
and new understanding shall fill the shell he now inhabits
a pulse will once again push him farther on to his new goal
to find who he is in this world and where he fits in
but along the way he will still accept the cuts and scrapes
because life is not always easy and people come and go
some people will leave you and some will die around you
but through these situations there are lessons to be learned
and God is still there through it all leaving you clues along the way
as He walks before you and watches your every step
helping you as you learn who you are and what life has to give
we shall leave this young man now
he is never alone even though the silence is suffocating at times
but it is the hope of tomorrow that lets him breathe
it is the shadow of God upon his path that insures him
the darkness that lets him know everything will be alright
and the blood spilling from his skin is real
and he is not a robot or a battery
there is more to this life that he needs to find
so he steps out on the long and hard journey

© 2004, 2005 thomas bates

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