Saturday, June 04, 2005

08/07/2004 Part 2

if life is a puzzle, the only missing piece is me
i try to slow down once in a while, but it is not me i see
i cannot find myself in the pile
i can look for miles and miles
everything is just right in sync
and me, i am the missing link
i need to start to find me in this place
and all i have to start with is my name
this sunset is beautiful and reminds me of someone
someone that i thought i could grow old with and love
but she is gone now and this life is in front of me
the beauty and mystery of what is me is what i need to see
and dissect it from the memories and lessons within
and only then shall i find the man under this skin
now i shall look to the green trees to help thy vision
as i ready myself to embark on this new mission

© 2004 thomas bates

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