Friday, June 10, 2005


my eyes burn waiting for you
looking at this screen looking for truth
messages travel abroad to never be seen again
did you get them and why the growing silence?
i just wipe a solitaire tear at the corner of my eye
what does it matter if we talk to each other tonight?
i would give you all of me if you are there
but then what is there left of me to share
the clock ticks away the hours and days that i wait
to hear anything, a response to what i had to say
but there is nothing there in the mailbox
so what should i do, wait or hang up?
on an one way street, it is easy to lead one further away
but on a two way street at least i get to see your face
yet again with faith i wait for you just one more day
but only God will decide how long on this planet i shall stay
a gamble with time and destiny we both take
one ignores, while the other instigates
but for how long shall we play this game
i only want to know how is your day

© 2004 thomas bates

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