Thursday, June 16, 2005


i am an ancient killer, my legacy is supreme and great
for years empires came before me: all excessive weight
they plead me to not slaughter and take away their fame
i've written all good and evil parts to my eternal name

all their memories will lie inside me: leaking out from the dead
and it goes on hour and hour till they are all one in my head
for many i am a monster, for many i am honor and grace
my reputation proceeds me and yet the foolish still call my name

i am an ancient killer, i ravaged and plundered many lands
i've killed for kings in europe and slaughtered those in the "stans"

after each signed treaty in blood, i sit in the shadows and wait
history loves to repeat itself for repetition is your future's fate
i am an ancient killer, i will make sure you all are broken and dead
soon you'll see the mountains fall apart, for my hunger cannot end

i am the ancient, i ravaged, plundered and conquered many lands
there are those who are for me, and those who say i am banned

© 2004, 2005 thomas bates

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