Saturday, June 11, 2005


where are you coming from with this?
would i also be betrayed with a kiss?
a veil you put over my face to shield my innocence
i am so confused and tired of your insidiousness
am i waking up from a deep, deep sleep?
am i seeing what, from me, you keep?
why must i assume and beat around the apparently burning bush?
i am tired of the hidden disrespect and abuse you consistently push
my patience is wearing thin and i am losing touch
soon words will be shared and i fear the outcome
the games we play can be dangerous for the innocent others
why can't we just be honest to each other and stop the slaughter?
i have washed the blood from my hands and now i am clean
when will you be honest and stop using me for your selfish greed?
i am tired of playing this game that i never knew i was a part of
i'm throwing up the white flag of surrender in order to overcome
in the end it will not be just me you hurt, but sadly yourself
i really wish you will be honest so i can save you from your hell
you are building us up for deconstruction
and our respect will be lost in oblivion
honesty is the first step to forgiveness and reconciliation
i do not want my anger to change me so heed my consideration

© 2005 thomas bates

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