Saturday, August 06, 2005


all over the park there was destruction
they were burned down by someone's neglect
they screamed for help and for justice
they used to be alive dancing in the wind
now they are frying in the flames
smoke filled the sky, the sun that day shall not shine
firemen did all they could, but it was too late
conservationlists and environmentalists cried and stood aghast
their dream land has burned to the ground
people miles around watched the evergrowing scar on tv
when will the madness stop?
with screams and dreams burning up to the sky
large, beautiful trees became pitiful charcoal beings
the mountains' evergreen was wiped away by a large eraser
leaving only behind an ugly mesh nightmare
bison, bears, elk, and deer ran as their flesh melted
all of yellowstone's beauty was marred
because of an unwatched campfire
the great remember was forgotten

© 1993, 2005 thomas bates

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