Saturday, July 30, 2005


black daisies in you
happiness was yours until
they came and raped you

© 1995 thomas bates


Anonymous said...

this is an interesting poem. i like the simplicity because each time i read it, it has a different meaning...i like the black daisies too...they are pretty but something is heavy...i wonder what meaning it would give if expanded...surely that would tell mroe...but it is such a teaser and therefore more complex and open to creativity as it is simple.

fleurdemars said...

Hey, did you get my email? I wrote you from home comp's dead...i'll get writing again as soon as i have it back!

Take Care!

fleurdemars said...

I sent the email from work about two or tree days ago, but i had to send it to your hotmail account cause i lost the other address when my home comp went kaplooee...i'll send it back if it went out with the junk mails...those filters are so dumb sometimes! lol

Take Care!