Thursday, July 21, 2005


i look deep inside my hands
what i give, please do not neglect
there's my love and my secrects
the only things true in this land
in the world of many, jealous man-gods
people march and pledge allegiance to war
i run away and hide from their ominous cars
drown my scent to throw off their dogs
screams... fear... shots... pain... blood
i cry... my love has gone away
blood is on my hands and face
at last here i die in my neighborhood

© 1997, 2005 thomas bates


The_Unsaint_Hate said...

Wow. Heavy stuff man. Heavy. I really like this one too. I like what you give, the land, the jealous man-gods, people marching-allegiance-war, you running away and hiding, ominous cars, drown-scent to throw off their dogs. And you killed it in the last part: 'At last here I die in my neighborhood.' Sweeeet.

Anonymous said...

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Lena said...

Wasn't looking for it, but the best things in life take you by surprise...
I enjoyed this one, finally something that made me feel, something real.