Tuesday, August 16, 2005


the pen that writes of my life
is dipped in my blood and strife
these are the dark days
the writer is paying his way
to follow me into the darkness
where my heart has been hardened
i want to break free and turn my life around
this darkness i am now accustomed to
cannot be here for me to see me through
i have to be the one who has to stand my ground
i have to be the one to make the difference in my life
and to stop dipping the pen in my blood and strife
to finally dip it into a new hope and peace
to finally have the suffocating depression cease

© 2005 thomas bates


zeliphias said...

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thanks aaron.

Anonymous said...

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thomas said...

please no more spam... if you are sincere and enjoy my site leave it at that... but if you must spam, please do it somewhere else... this is a spam free blog... please respect that...