Thursday, August 11, 2005


it never grows inside really slow
it cannot be pushed down low
its energy is unstoppable
it boils inside big trouble
and when it comes it is quick vengeance
it bleeds out of your mouth unrelentless
it pours through every cell in your body
setting you on fire to burn out the holy
the tongue is quick and sharp as a knife
everything in its path will lose its life
severing ties and breaking bonds
this force inside is a ticking timebomb
and after it's gone you are left spinning
and the world around you is ripping
the fires from the brimstone are scattered all around
and the cooling inside can drop you to the ground
and the simmering fires in your eyes are slowly fading to oblivion
and the recent distate for everything is called into retraction
as quick as it came and disrupted evolution
it enters back inside and leaves devastation
the hibernation stage now kicks back into gear
and those around you now know how to fear

© 2005 thomas bates

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