Thursday, March 17, 2005


what have i done to thee?
is not all this one big misunderstanding?
no... somewhere i have hurt you
but you never spoke to me to tell me what i did
so i will never know where we went wrong
and forever in silence we shall be
never again will we be in peace with each other
i saw that look in your eyes this morn
or was that a ghost taking form in another
i do not know what i saw, but your wrath still haunts me
sometimes i wish i can go back in time to change it all
to be with you through your decisions
but i did not want to be another burden
so i gave you space
it is i just gave you too much space
now you are gone and in the care of another
another who needs you more than i do
and now i shall say my goodbyes
never again feel angry at me... go away in peace
but you shall hold onto this silent senseless grudge forever
and when you see me next you shall kill me with your eyes
burn and consume my soul with the wrath that sleeps in you
and over and over the sick cycle shall commence
without any explanation
and i shall live and die over and over in your sight
and this ceaseless crucible put on me
will become your own inside joke
all i ask of you now is for you to forgive me
but how can i when all you are now to me is a ghost
who will haunt me forever and ever with deaf ears
and i am tired of saying i am sorry to the empty air
so i leave your presence in shame
forever in debt to your unforgivable ways

© 2004 thomas bates

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