Tuesday, March 15, 2005


you breathe fire unto me, you melt my inner being
you hold your hand on my mouth and suffocate me
i struggle, i fight
i protest, i bite

release me from your cage
unleash me from your rage
choke away all the hate
wipe away the fear on my face

innocent and sweet, you come to me
guard down, and you make me bleed
pain is your tool, your pen
you write with it on my head

lost in the enigma of your nightmare and dreams
you made me lose all feeling and fall to sleep
i sweat and want out
in you there is doubt

can i run away, can i hide away
i trip as i run, and you grab my legs
the shackles are put on me now
face of defeat, as you take my crown

© 1997 thomas bates

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