Wednesday, March 30, 2005


in my times of darkness
in my time of dire need
i cry out from the depths
the waves crash over me
i am drowning
losing strength
my arms flail about in haste
is my fight to survive in vain?
no i know You still love me
besides my human failures and fear
grab my outstretched hand
lift me out of this whirlpool
that is dragging me down
to my impending doom
at first the water was gentle and enticing
so i entered thinking i will be safe
the farther i went out, the safer i felt
but as the tide changed and the wind picked up
i began to fear and doubt my safety
until the storm rose up before me
and fear engulfed me as the waves
and now i know that i cannot save myself
and so i cry out for help oh, God
lower Your mighty hand to rescue me
from the storm that now beats on me

© 2004 thomas bates

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