Thursday, January 17, 2008


what was it that repelled you to me
you never gave me a chance to prove myself
was it anything i said
was it anything someone else said
are you controlled by another
are your decisions your own
i am confused and doubt myself
i do not believe in my abilities anymore
this rejection was sudden and confusing
was there even closure
just by actions alone i got the message
but it is still open ended and yet dead
no life is given chance to blossom

it is sad to see this book closed
there could have been wonderful stories
yet the author gave up
dropped the pen and stopped writing
and the book was put up on a shelf
to gather dust and never be opened again
the death of a character is so sad
but there is no remorse because it was not real
so easy to move on and leave it all behind

it could have been a good story
with a happy ending in the sunset
however shelfed due to issues beyond control
no life to characteristics was given to blossom

© 2008 Thomas Bates

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