Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SCENE 7/1/2002

sits down... weary one
pounds bottle on the ground
stone looks ahead
music of revolutionary noise flood out the right
curious seekers roll in
some flee the scene
by feet
by wheel
the life source drink is quenched here
orange glow overhead
as darkness tries to suffocate the viewer
bootleggers looking innocent... don't interupt their stolen show
bored youth run after the thrown white ufo in hordes
rainbow hair add to the prism of the colours
friends commune in silent and unsilent conversations
those who have to fight to stay awake get conquered
many pilgrimage to this land even the handicapped ones
crippling affects don't hold them back
a celebration is going on
in different ways in different points of view for different people

© 2002 thomas bates

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