Wednesday, December 26, 2007


morning dew, sparkles around
laziness falls me to the ground
let go of all conscienceness
slipping out of existence
numbness overcomes pain
it starts to rain
drop by drop i feel it fall
on my feet and on my palms
the coolness splashes over me
open my eyes and what do i see
a water droplet stopped in motion
a minature world swallowed by oceans
the smell of moisture engulfs me
as heat from lightning breaks trees
i am not scared of my surroundings
as lightning strikes down all around me
found my peace with God
and engulfed in His love
He is the ultimate dimension
beyond an universe compression
He takes care of His children
in His hands they are shielded
worlds collapse around me
but He still remains
He showers us in His love
and washes away all pain

© 2001 thomas bates

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