Thursday, June 14, 2007


my heart is a room with doors all around
there's no key to that special one i have found
where there was love is now nothing but thin air
i stopped my hands from moving and looked everywhere
i thought i found a love to take me out of this place
someone that i enjoy, but she hides away her face
she's a beautiful face, but it all falls down
and i am left with spinning horizons all around
she's a beautiful face
don't let her get away

i'm all alone, because of one little conversation
i look up, but where's my gaze's destination
my love is gone and the sky has a sorrowful hue
but i see someone, and i finally can get over you
she's a beautiful face
don't let her get away

does she know how much she means to you
then why does she avoid the ever present issue?
does she see you walking around?
what's in her heart, will it slip out?
does she see you late at night,
when she lays her head and shuts her eyes?
what will happen when she opens her mouth?
what will the words be when they come pouring out?

what she doesn't know, would she know now?
what she doesn't feel, would she feel it somehow?

© 2001, 2007 thomas bates

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