Wednesday, January 04, 2006


i can feel a presence
surrounding me
whispering a gentle breeze
the trees sway side to side
my head is bowed
eyes closed and i listen
a weight falls upon my shoulders
pressing me down to my knees
a stirring inside of me
i see a pillar of fire in the distance
closer and closer it weaves
cleansing the earth
the heat warms my face
before me the pillar stops
round and round it spins
i sit now in a deep trance
finally it moves through me
from red to blue
as it passed it took all my impurities
and left me smoldering, lying prostrate
smoke rising from me, yet untouched
the presence is still here beside me
still whispering a gentle breeze
cooling and healing it is to me
and i awake and all is finally still

© 2006 thomas bates

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