Saturday, January 14, 2006


life can be frustrating
never knowing where you fit in
your mind is full of voices
never able to find the one that is you
never able to find real peace and purpose
people come and go in your life
some just want to use you for their own gain
some are geniune and true and they are dear
however it is hard to find them through the crap
you have to go through alot of pain and tears
before you can find true happiness
and then you wonder if it is really true
what is truth in this world we live in now?
there are so many lies we are force fed
vanity is the whore of this world
and pride and prejudice still roam the streets
looking for those weak hearted to possess
what happened to love and honor?
we are all just trying to survive in our own way
and if we hurt others along the way that is their fault
for they stepped into it and deserved it
but that is the philosophy of the world now days
and it is evolving into a more complex entity
to show compassion now days is a weakness
and that is something that is not respected
this is sad for those who want to find love
because everyone is guarded and close-minded
never really revealing the real person inside
and those who are loyal and honorable become extinct
leaving behind a cold and vicious world to raise the young
i would rather have someone in my life who has weakness
than someone who would turn on you in order to get by
to stab you in the back as they conspire with others
to leave you in the dark as they reveal the intimate moments
only shared between those who hold trust and honesty in reverence
but this world is different and weakness is shunned upon
look out for yourself and do not help anyone
because if you do then you will not find this so called happiness
but are you really happy,
or are you scared?

© 2006 thomas bates

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