Monday, November 14, 2005


there is this hole inside of me that no one can see
i can feel it's edge at my throat and falling down into my chest
not even those who are close to me can get beyond the surface
it gets hard to breathe sometimes because of this void
which is there because of that missing person in my life
you cannot even fathom how it feels unless you go through hell
because it will be the claws of the devil himself taking them away
ripping every piece and essence out of your weakening grasp
someday i will find that special someone to fill that hole inside of me
to discover the most important key to the mystery of the life itself
to open up a new chapter in my life and to be there for the rebirth
as i step up from the grave inside of me and breathe in new life
and grasp every moment i get and enjoy it to its fullest
then fill up this hole inside of me with love and memories
and pat it all down with the security of honesty and trust
finally smile for the new dawn has found me and life has just begun

© 2005 thomas bates

1 comment:

Vanessa Wheeler said...

I enjoy reading your work. Keep it up.