Thursday, November 10, 2005


my heart is timid
my heart is fragile
when i see you i see my failures
when i see you i see my lost chance
i had a chance to talk to you, but i ran away
you do not have to like me, i understand
you can ignore me and just walk on by
keeping your eyes set ahead of you
and letting me blur into the background
for i do not deserve your recognition
i rather crawl into the cracks in the ground
out of sight and out of mind
yet everytime i see you, my heart skips a beat
the "what ifs" run through my head after you're gone
and then i am faced with my current situation
of not having you by my side, enjoying your company
was it that i did not see a ring on your finger this time?
or is that my eyes are starting to fail on me
and eventually it will not be you i will see at all
and you will forever disappear out of my life
and i will be alone again wishing i could have spoken to you
to get past that cordial greeting and get to know you
to become friends and finally get past the awkward moments

© 2005 thomas bates


Vanessa Wheeler said...

Yeah you can call me Vaness its okay... some of my friends call me V, nessa or Vaness... so go ahead. And I thank you soo much for caring Thomas. You are such a great friend.

Vanessa Wheeler said...

I really like the poem. I really felt what you put into it. And I can relate.