Sunday, February 27, 2005


i could have everything i want
but i could never be happy
i am a loser in some eyes
those are the most critical
i can try to achieve so much
but they have their curves i can't match
they judge everything about me
i am naked beneath the glaring eyes of the latched
i am digging my fingers into my forehead
trying to hide my face from the acquisitions
there is no chance for escape
i cannot get away from their endless questions
is this the new holocaust?
to kill off the dreamers before they can even sleep
you just inject your needles
and push in your fear and rules in every hole in me
i spew your convictions, i am so overwhelmed
filled to the brim of your hatred and paranoia
i must get away before my spirit dies
before you crush me with your insomnia
this is not what my thoughts of love were
your kind of love is cold and overpowering

i feel this new strange rain falling on me
it is the tears of my God
showering His love for me
He is forgiving as if you ever could not be
He does not match my achievements to His expectations
He just sits there and smiles and says...

I love you

© 2001 thomas bates

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