Tuesday, February 20, 2007


i remember the first time
that i laid eyes on you
i thought you were so beautiful
you were talking to someone
i was walking by the door
i had to stop and stare
felt like the world stopped too
since then i have gotten to speak with you
numerable and precious times to me
your voice is so soothing, it calms me
i remember the time you were introduced to me
your face lit up with that wonderful smile you have
the smile i have seen many times and treasure
hopefully someday we can get past the formalities
for i like to get to know you and be your friend

© 2007 thomas bates

1 comment:

fleurdemars said...

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the NIN post...i just got around to it...Sorry for the delay... I'm quite busy since i came back from France. In fact i'm so tired, i keep falling asleep on the sofa everything i have a little bit of down time...not good..loll

I'll try to get around to write you a proper email this week end...it's been a long while...but unfortunatly i can't promise anything...but i'll try real hard... i miss writing to you and reading you emails...

Take care Tom! :)