Thursday, April 20, 2006


to be honest i do not fit anywhere anymore
this life has moved on without me
i have been kept in this labyrinth far too long
i cannot find my way out
i have lost touch with those around me
and those i care for are just too far away
even those who are near me cannot touch me
i have built these walls and they are fortified
my feelings have been numbed by pattern
pattern of mindless repitition that starves me
all the fun and humanity is leaving me
i creep into the shadows to conceal my pain
behind closed doors i would rather remain
once in a while i try to venture out
but my paranoia never ceases to entertain me
everything is the same to me now days
everyone in their own way are the same too
when can i break this pattern and feel different
i just need to be released from me
i fear going to sleep now days
for the fear of the vicious cycle repeating again
i want to know what it means to feel alive again

© 2006 thomas bates

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